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If you like puzzling out 19th-century handwriting, try transcribing the papers of John Torrey (1796-1873). You'll get to eavesdrop on 19th-century science and exploration through the letters of this major American botanist and his 350+ correspondents.

The NY Botanical Garden's Mertz Library (with help from the NEH and Carnegie Corporation) aims to make the Torrey Papers full-text searchable through the Biodiversity Heritage Library.  
To learn more and start transcribing:
Sample documents/transcriptions: 
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I heard about this and saw examples of the papers last week at the 150th anniversary meeting of the Torrey Botanical Society ( I'm not a good mss transcriber -- my eyes aren't good enough -- but I rely on transcription projects like this in my research. So I'm spreading the word. I can imagine this making a good assignment for a historical methods class.
Karen  9/18/2017
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