"Not Sleeping: A One-Night Symposium on Wakefulness", Liverpool Hope, Friday 8 Sept 2017

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Colleagues might be interested in the following symposium with a Medical Humanities theme, funded by the Wellcome Trust, and to take place at Liverpool Hope University on Friday 8 September.

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Not Sleeping: A One-Night Symposium on Wakefulness

Liverpool Hope University
Friday 8th September 2017

Contact: Dr Alice Bennett, Liverpool Hope University, benneta1@hope.ac.uk


2.00pm-3.00pm Registration and coffee: EDEN Arbour Room

3.00pm-4.30pm Plenary: Jim Horne, Emeritus Professor of Psychophysiology and former
Director of the Sleep Research Centre at the University of Loughborough

4.30pm-5.00pm Coffee

5.00pm-6.30pm Panel 1: The Sleepless Subject
Chair Asli Kandemir
Michael Greaney, Lancaster University, “Insomnia and I: The Rise of the Sleeplessness Memoir”
Patrick Simon Moffett Levy, University of Sussex, “Watching, Waiting, and Wondering with Socrates – Or Philosophy’s Obsession with Wakefulness"
Alice Bennett, Liverpool Hope University, “Wake-pocalypse: The Mass-Insomnia Disaster Novel”

6.30pm-7.30pm Dinner

7.30pm-8.30pm Panel 2: The Pleasure and Power of Wakefulness
Chair Liz Smith
Louise Wilson, Liverpool Hope University, “Bedtime reading in Tudor England”
Cory Stockwell, Bilkent University, “Insomnia, the Knowledge of the Stars”

8.30pm-9.30pm Coffee and Screening of Fernão Ciampa’s “Anxiolytic Sea Embolex” with Q&A

9.30pm-10.30pm Panel 3: Both Sleeping and Waking
Chair Nina Rogers
Andrew Bishop, Guildford Cathedral/University of Surrey, “‘Now it is time to awake out of sleep’: Sleep in the Christian tradition”
Marta Zboralska, University College London, “‘WE ARE NOT SLEEPING’ – Wakefulness and Artistic Protest”

10.30pm Bedtime Story, Stephe Harrop, Liverpool Hope University