Reminder: CFP The role of health and social welfare policies in European inclusion and exclusion processes, 6-7 April 2017 Evora (Portugal)

Javier Martinez-Antonio Discussion

Call for papers: The role of health and social welfare policies in European inclusion and exclusion processes: historical perspectives on contemporary issues.

6-7 April 2017, University of Evora, Portugal

Organizing committee:

Laurinda Abreu, University of Evora    Sally Sheard, University of Liverpool     Francisco Javier Martínez, University of Evora


Health risks created by population movement, and policy responses to them, have been an integral part of European history since the early modern period. They have helped to shape wider cultural ideas on economic risks, attitudes to integration, and enlargement of the EU. Twenty first century Europe is addressing new questions and challenges: how to live together, and include new territories and new populations and cultures without compromising our health, both personal and economic. These have contemporary policy implications.

Our aim is to contribute to a deeper understanding of the cultural heritages and roots of the European welfare model. Proposals on the following research questions are particularly encouraged: how have European states historically succeeded in constructing secured space, from a health and social welfare perspective? What has been the role of frontiers in facilitating economic prosperity and social inclusion of migration and immigrants? How have past societies coped with population movements, epidemics and social and economic changes resulting from industrialisation and urbanisation? What is the role and potential of knowledge of the past within our new ‘knowledge society’? How can new knowledge of the past be used for building trust and solidarity in an integrated Europe?


We invite submission of 300 word paper abstracts (with your affiliation and contact details) by January 31, 2017. 

Please direct abstracts and enquiries to: