Seminar, 11 May: ​​Masks and myopia – politics and protection in public health campaigns, with Yixue Yang and Sharrona Pearl

Janet Weston Discussion

All are welcome at this online seminar on Thursday 11th May, 16.00-17.30 UK time (GMT plus 1 hr)

This seminar will examine the cultural and political contexts shaping historical public health interventions: Yixue Yang will examine the Protecting Students’ Eyesight Campaign in later Mao-era People’s Republic of China, and Sharrona Pearl will explore the history of masking and its tensions in the US, from the 19th century to Covid. Click here for full details including webinar link.

This is part of the LSHTM Centre for History in Public Health seminar series: Historical perspectives on ethics, morals, and values in public health: click here to see the programme!