The history of genomics told through machine learning: A celebration of 10 years of the NHGRI history program.

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The NHGRI History of Genomics Program invites you to a virtual lecture titled, "The history of genomics told through machine learning: A celebration of 10 years of the NHGRI history program."

The lecture will be held on Thursday, Aug 4 from 1-2:00 p.m. ET via Zoom.

Thanks to the meticulous nature of Human Genome Program architects, our institute has a rich archive of hundreds of thousands of scanned physical documents from the project and more recent genomics initiatives. 

The comprehensiveness of this resource makes it unique within NIH and the larger scientific community. However, the wealth of data is overwhelming for human eyes. So, for the last two years, machine learning experts have been exploring this dynamic dataset to reveal new knowledge and insights into the development of genomics.

Come listen as researchers from the preeminent Amaral Lab ( at Northwestern University present on how they have used the program's archive to better understand how a major funding institute like NHGRI has helped shape genomics. Amaral lab researchers have analyzed some of the most exciting and significant parts of the NHGRI archive using machine learning tools. This lecture will showcase the power of these tools and detail some of the team's fascinating discoveries.  

This event is free and open to the public. Registration is required. Visit for the full agenda and registration information. The symposium will be recorded and later archived on   

For additional information about this event, please contact Britny Kish at

CART services will be provided. Sign language interpreting services are available upon request to participate in this event. Individuals needing either of these services and/or other reasonable accommodations should contact Britny Kish (, 240-38101283). Requests should be made at least five days in advance.