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CFP: Medica Sessions for ICMS at Kalamazoo in 2018 Discussion William H. York 07/29/2017 - 6:57am
Social History of Medicine in Latin America Highlight Issue Discussion Dora Vargha 07/27/2017 - 3:09pm
Making Biological Minds Conference DEADLINE 31st July Discussion Sean Dyde 07/27/2017 - 3:07pm
CFP: Ecologies of the Mind in 19th Century America Discussion Lindsey Grubbs 07/27/2017 - 3:07pm
Help translate the 4S Sydney 2018 conference theme Discussion Emma Kowal 07/27/2017 - 3:04pm
H-Net Job Guide Weekly Report For H-Sci-Med-Tech: 17 July - 24 July Discussion Roberto Cantoni 07/25/2017 - 4:39pm
The British Post Office in the Telecommunications Era Discussion Jacob Ward 07/25/2017 - 4:38pm
July HPS&ST Newsletter Discussion Paulo Mauricio 07/25/2017 - 4:33pm
Knowledge in Context: Sept 22-23, Oxford Discussion Erica Charters 07/23/2017 - 8:48am
Call for Papers -- Edited Volume on the History of Medical Education Discussion Delia Gavrus 07/23/2017 - 8:47am
Stolz on Shefer-Mossensohn, 'Science among the Ottomans: The Cultural Creation and Exchange of Knowledge' Review System Administrator 07/19/2017 - 5:57pm
Government by Expertise: Technocrats and Technocracy in Western Europe, 1914-1973 Discussion Camilo Erlichman 07/19/2017 - 3:32pm
John Law's paper and the forum that builds on it- freely available now Discussion Yen Ke 07/19/2017 - 8:02am
H-Net Job Guide Weekly Report For H-Sci-Med-Tech: 10 July - 17 July Discussion Sean Seyer 07/18/2017 - 1:06pm
"Reimagining Human Relations in Our Time" a festival celebrating 70 years of the Tavistock Institute Discussion Elena Carter 07/17/2017 - 2:12pm
CfP: Another City: Émigré Intellectuals and Transnational Intellectual Communities in Early Modern and Modern Cities (1500-1950) [EAUH 2018] Discussion Katalin Straner 07/13/2017 - 3:54pm
News from the Health Tomorrow Journal Discussion Natalie Spagnuolo 07/13/2017 - 3:45pm
Tomory on Logel, 'Designing Gotham: West Point Engineers and the Rise of Modern New York, 1817-1898' Review System Administrator 07/11/2017 - 1:35pm
Frietsch on Parshall and Walton and Moran, 'Bridging Traditions: Alchemy, Chemistry, and Paracelsian Practices in the Early Modern Era' Review System Administrator 07/11/2017 - 10:24am
H-Net Job Guide Weekly Report For H-Sci-Med-Tech: 3 July 2017 to 10 July 2017 Discussion Victoria Meyer 07/10/2017 - 4:28pm
Aging and Society - International Interdisciplinary Conference Discussion Wojciech Owczarski 07/10/2017 - 4:24pm
Making Biological Minds Conference Discussion Sean Dyde 07/10/2017 - 4:23pm
(CFP) VI Europe in the World Annual Meeting – Europe of Knowledge Discussion Diana Barbosa 07/10/2017 - 4:23pm
CSTHA 2017: Science, Technology and Historical Meanings of Failure - Call for Papers & Posters -Deadline extended! Discussion Beth Robertson 07/10/2017 - 4:22pm
PhD Scholarship “Patient Experiences with the Socialist Healthcare System of Czechoslovakia or Poland or Hungary after 1945” Discussion Markus Wahl 07/10/2017 - 4:22pm