New Issues of East European Politics and Societies & Cultures

Krzysztof Jasiewicz's picture

The August and November 2021 issues of East European Politics and Societies (v35n3 and v35n4) are out in quick succession, with several articles in Polish studies.

In the August issue Kristina Andělová, Wendy Bracewell, Irena Grudzińska Gross, Krzysztof Jasiewicz, David Ost and Nina Witoszek participate in a symposium on the art and ethics of submissions to journals and peer review; Joanna Trzeciak Huss translates Przemysław Czapliński's essay on Retroactive Catastrophe (the winner of the 2020 Heim Prize for collegial translation); Katarzyna Jezierska and Serena Giusti guest-edit a special section on think-tanks in Eastern Europe. Among other contributors Olga Sasunkevich on Karta Polaka, Anita Pluwak on arts controversy in postcommunist Poland, Jan Olaszek on trust among underground activists in the 1980s, and Jarosław Kuisz on Polish dissidents' attitudes toward law.

In the November issue a special section on Far-Right activism in Europe, with contributions by Pasieka on Polish-Italian comparisons and Izabela Mrzygłód on Bolesław Piasecki; among other articles Paweł Surowiec on Poland's nation branding, Andrzej Szeptycki on Polish-Russian competition in Ukraine, Dariusz Stola on for-profit migrations from communist Poland, and three articles on Solidarity, by Tomasz Kozłowski, Grzegorz Wołk, and Piotr Osęka.