What Is The Legacy Of Polish Jews? - discussion online

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We invite you to a discussion with the authors of the book accompanying the new ‘Legacy’ gallery. The discussion with Prof. Halina Goldberg, Prof. Karin Steffen and Prof. Antony Polonsky will be moderated by Prof. Barbara Kirshenblatt-Gimblett. The discussion will be held in English.

Several of the authors who contributed to “Legacy of Polish Jews,” the book that accompanies the POLIN Museum's new Legacy Gallery, broaden the discussion on the contributions of Polish Jews to the many fields in which they worked. They will consider the factors that shaped their lives, career paths, and achievements.

To what extent is their experience as Polish Jews relevant to who they became, what they achieved, and their impact on the fields in which they worked? 
What barriers and opportunities did they encounter and how did they deal with them?Why were some of these individuals celebrated in their time, but forgotten today, while others who were ignored in the past are recognized now? 
Why do some individuals make into the canon, while others who are equally or even more qualified do not? 
What is the role of historians in securing the place of particular individuals in a field’s pantheon? Finally, what does it mean to speak of the “legacy” of Polish Jews? 
Is this legacy to be understood as “heritage,” the civilization created by Polish Jews? Or, is it to be understood as their contributions to civilization?