Monthly Publications Update Reminder

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Dear Colleagues:

A reminder that you have until November 15 to send me information about your latest publications (they can be from 2019) to be included in next month's Monthly Publications Update, which will come out around the 1st of the month.  The following items may be posted:  journal articles or review essays, books, edited collections of essays, chapters in books, masters theses, and doctoral dissertations.  Please supply the following information:

1) bibliographic entry 

2) keywords

3) abstract (if you wish) 

4) link (if you wish/can). 


There are three ways you can send me the information:  1) via the Start a Discussion button on H-Poland; 2) to me directly (email: [my first name].[my last name]; or 3) to the H-Poland editors at

I look forward to learning what you have published and sharing it with the PSA and H-Poland community.

With best wishes,

Patrice Dabrowski

Editor, H-Poland