#3 Webinar: A. Skolimowska, Corpus of Ioannes Dantiscus’ Texts and Correspondence (dantiscus.al.uw.edu.pl) – opportunities and perspectives

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Centre for the Study of the Reformation (Faculty of „Artes Liberales”, University of Warsaw) and Koło Kultury Staropolskiej wish to invite you to a series of online seminars. The meetings are aimed at presenting interdisciplinary Polish research on broadly understood religious studies. Each week the invited experts will discuss their chosen issues:

1 October: Anna Skolimowska (University of Warsaw),
Corpus of Ioannes Dantiscus’ Texts and Correspondence (dantiscus.al.uw.edu.pl) – opportunities and perspectives 

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Johannes Dantiscus (1485–1548), a distinguished diplomat at the court of the Jagiellonian Dynasty, bishop of Culm and, subsequently, of Warmia, and an acclaimed author of Neo-Latin poetic compositions, maintained contact with numerous prominent personalities of his times. He corresponded, among many others, with the ‘Prince of the Humanists’, Desiderius Erasmus, the Spanish conquistador Hernán Cortés, the praeceptor Germaniae Philip Melanchthon, and Nicolaus Copernicus, who formulated the heliocentric model of the Solar System. Dantiscus’s correspondence, of which more than 6100 letters are extant, alongside his other texts, has been researched and systematically published online as part of the project titled Corpus of Ioannes Dantiscus’ Texts and Correspondence and carried out at the University of Warsaw over the past thirty years. The purpose of the lecture will be to present the structure of this digital edition, current possibilities of employing it for academic research, and the perspectives of its development as well as continuance. 

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Dr hab. Anna Skolimowska teaches at the Faculty of ‘Artes Liberales’, University of Warsaw, where she is the head of the Laboratory for Source Editing & Digital Humanities. Dr hab. Anna Skolimowska specializes in Latin paleography, scientific editing, and the Renaissance Respublica litteraria, mainly in regard to the aspects of its language and literary culture. She supervises editorial and interpretational research on Ioannes Dantiscus' (Jan Dantyszek) vast corpus of letters and literary works.

Next lectures online:

8 October: Jakub Koryl (Jagiellonian University)
Philosophies of Reformation: Socinian Metaphysics of Presence

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