Cfp: The International Association for the Humanities Convention, Lviv

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The International Association for the Humanities - MAG

Міжнародна Асоціація Гуманітаріїв

Международная ассоциация гуманитариев

Міжнародная асацыяцыя гуманітарыяў


2018 Convention

Lviv, Ukraine

June 27-29, 2018

(In Partnership with Ukrainian Catholic University in Lviv)


Convention theme: Image of the Self


            This theme follows the previous convention’s “Image of the Other.”  We seek to examine the way states, societies, interest groups and social movements, as well as individuals, represent themselves to themselves and to others through manifold means including language, culture, literature, the politics of history, and politics as such.  Images of the self can be found, of course, not only in scholarship but also in popular writing, artistic expression, and in the public sphere.

            How have some images given rise to stereotypes and instrumentalized narratives?  How have some others constituted resources for tolerance, mutual respect, and cooperation?  These issues appear in headlines worldwide, but they seem especially salient in Eastern Europe and Eurasia. 

            MAG invites proposals directly or indirectly addressing topics related to the “Image of the Self.”


Call for Applications


            Proposals for complete and well-balanced panel sessions and roundtables will be given priority; individuals may also apply.  A panel consists of an organizer, a moderator, three paper presenters, and a commentator.  Roundtables must have a chair; and 3 to 5 roundtable speakers.


Important: Panel-session (symposia) organizers should fill out all information related to the panel, including the names of participants.  Please contact potential panel participants before submitting the applications.  Please send emails with invitations to all participants in the panel. Using this invitation, they can fill out the information related to their paper presentations. Please submit their correct emails, as they will use them to apply.


Applicants from Eurasia and Eastern Europe (non-European Union) are eligible for travel grants.


Please apply at Deadline for all applications:  February 23, 2018.


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