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Call for Expressions of Interest, Editor, East European Politics and Societies

The journal East European Politics and Societies and Cultures (EEPS; is seeking a new Editor (or Editors). EEPS is an international, interdisciplinary journal for the examination of critical issues related to Eastern Europe. It serves as a forum for current work in East Europe studies, including comparative analyses and theoretical issues with implications for other world areas. Its geographical scope is the area that lies between Germany to the west and Russia to the east and includes the Baltic region and the Balkans. Its current editorial board ( is composed of distinguished historians, cultural historians, literary scholars, political scientists, anthropologists, and social scientists. EEPS was established in 1986. Since 2003, it is published quarterly, in February, May, August, and November, by SAGE. Recently, it has been receiving about 200 submissions per year, with an acceptance rate of around 30%.

We seek candidates with disciplinary expertise in the area as well as with experience in multidisciplinary activity.

The Editor will be expected to accept an appointment for a period of five years, renewable for another five-year term. The Editor (or Editors) are responsible for preparing four issues of the journal in each calendar year. This includes selecting articles for publication and directing editorial policy. The Editors receive a modest allowance to offset personal expenses related to editorial activities and for journal development (currently the annual allowance is $5000 per editor). The journal pays a modest salary to a Managing Editor, who oversees the flow of manuscripts from submission to publication and performs other editorial tasks.

The current Editors’ tenure expires at the end of the 2023 calendar year. We expect to review the expressions of interest on rolling basis, concluding this process by the end of March 2023. We will use the summer of 2023 as a transition period from the current to the new editorial team. The first issue completed by the new editorial team will appear in February 2024 (vol 38 n 1).

Please send your inquiries to If you wish to express your interest, please attach your CV or resume.

For the EEPS International Advisory Board and Editorial Committee:

Wendy Bracewell, Editor

Krzysztof Jasiewicz, Editor

Marta Kotwas, Managing Editor

Andrzej Tymowski, Member of the Editorial Committee

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