Encounters with Polish Literature 17--Joseph Conrad

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Joseph Conrad is the subject of my latest conversation on "Encounters with Polish Literature" with Prof. George Gasyna from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

Conrad was born in territory of the Russian Empire that today is part of Ukraine, and his family belonged to the Polish gentry, but of course he traveled the seas and wrote in English. The big question for this episode is: how might knowing about Conrad's relation to Poland help us understand his major novels that make no specific reference to Poland. We look mainly at three "Polish" works: "Prince Roman," "Amy Foster," and "Poland Revisited" and consider his novel Nostromo from a Polish perspective, touching upon Lord Jim and Heart of Darkness along the way. Since Ukraine is very much on our minds at this time, we also consider Conrad's relation to the region of his birthplace.

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Encounters with Polish Literature

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