EAR Blogosphere, a Catalogue of Publics

What H-SHEAR subscribers are reading:

The blogs listed here have been recommended by our editors and readers for no other reason than to improve our understanding of the early American republic.  If you would like to recommend (or urge removal of) one, write us at editorial-shear@mail.h-net.msu.edu with a link and explanation.

AHA Today
A group blog of the American Historical Association that covers a variety of topics relevant to research, teaching and the history profession more generally.

The Aporetic
Mike O’Malley's blog provides a historical perspective on contemporary social, cultural, and political issues.

Boston 1775
J.L. Bell's blog provides miscellany of information about New England just before, during, and after the Revolutionary War. 

Published quarterly, in October, January, April, and July, Common-place explores and exchanges ideas about American history and culture in a scholarly and accessible manner.

Function Follows Form
David J. Gary's blog focuses on history and information science.

Ann M. Little's blog focuses on history and sexual politics, 1492 to the present.

Historians Against Slavery: Using History to Make Slavery History
A group blog that attempts to bring historical context and scholarship to the modern-day antislavery movement.

The Historical Society
A blog devoted to history for the academy & beyond.

History’s Just Desserts
Amanda Moniz’s blog explores American history through cooking and food, particularly desserts.

HNN: History News Network
Features op eds by prominent historians that put current events into historical perspective.

Jacksonian America: Society, Personality, and Politics
Mark R. Cheathem's blog addresses a variety of topics on the Early Republic period.

The Junto: A Group Blog in Early American History
A group blog made up of junior early Americanists dedicated to providing content of general interest to other early Americanists and those interested in early American history, as well as a forum for discussion of relevant historical and academic topics.

Legal History Blog
A group blog that covers scholarship, news, and new ideas in legal history.

Past is Present: the American Antiquarian Society Blog
This blog provides a virtual platform to highlight AAS’s antiquarian treasures (and oddities) as well as to share helpful resources, programs, and events. 

Religion in American History
A group blog dedicated to the history of religion in the United States.

Teaching United States History
The clearinghouse for creative pedagogy in American history since August 2011.

The Way of Improvement Leads Home
John Fea's blog reflects on the intersections of American history, religion, politics, and academic life.

U.S. Intellectual History
An award-winning group blog of the Society for U.S. Intellectual History.