Roomshare in Cleveland?

Good morning SHEARites,

Hope this is okay to ask here- my original host had to cancel due to job relocation, so I'm looking for a place to stay in Cleveland Wednesday (7/18) through Sunday (7/22) evenings.  Would anyone like to save some cash by sharing a room or AirBnB for SHEAR? (I'm pretty low maintenance and could also easily fit on a sofa!)


Kelsey Brow

Curator@kingmanor.org, 718-206-0545x13
King Manor Museum, Jamaica, NY
Home of Founding Father Rufus King

Confinement of children in the 18th century?

I was reading the 1976 article, "Benjamin Rush and His Insane Son," published in the Bulletin of the New York Academy of Medicine. I became intrigued by this: Rush wrote to a friend that "My eldest son ... has more than once begged me to flog him in preference to confining him" (1319).

How prevalent was confining children as a punishment in the late 18th and early 19th century? Is there literature on this that people could recommend?

[Ed. note (PBK): our friends at H-Childhood would also be a good source on this question.]


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