Providence College Seminar in the History of Early America SEMINAR ANNOUNCEMENT

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Please join us for our next Providence College Seminar in the History of Early America (PC-SHEA) when we welcome: 


Dr. Bryan Rindfleisch

Assistant Professor of History

Marquette University


"From Creek (Mvskoke) to Cherokee (Tsalagi): Cherokee Kings, Coweta Kings, & the Entangled Histories of Native America, 1700-1800"

Monday, April 19, 2021 7pm

All those interested in attending should pre-register here to receive the zoom link and a copy of the paper in advance:

This paper explores the role of the “Cherokee Kings,” particular individuals appointed jointly by both Cherokee and Muscogee (Creek) peoples, to mediate conflict, territoriality, and kinship in the Native South during the eighteenth and nineteenth-centuries. On the eve of Indian Removal (1820s-30s), that individual just so happened to be William McIntosh Jr., who conspired with American agents in support of Removal. Yet if we juxtaposition McIntosh with his predecessor in the late eighteenth-century, Escotchaby of Coweta, what emerges is a complicated and intra-Indigenous narrative of particular individuals who straddled and negotiated several Native and Euro-American worlds. Such exchanges between Cherokee and Muscogee peoples, as personified by these Cherokee Kings – be it political, economic, religious, sexual, linguistic, spatial, territorial – more accurately defined how the Indigenous Peoples of North America thought of themselves and their place in the world during the eighteenth and nineteenth-centuries: according to their many, various relationships with one another. 

Bryan C. Rindfleisch is an assistant professor of history at Marquette University, where he teaches early American and Native American history. He is the author of George Galphin's Intimate Empire: The Creek Indians, Family, & Colonialism in Early America (Alabama, 2019) and the forthcoming Brothers of Coweta: Kinship, Empire, & Revolution in the Eighteenth-Century Muscogee World (South Carolina, 2021).

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