Early American Studies: Fall 2018, Vol. 16.4 Table of Contents

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Fall 2018, Vol. 16.4

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Introduction: Keywords in Early American Literature and Material Texts 
pp. 579 - 583, Marcy J. Dinius and Sonia Hazard

KEY WORDS: Material Texts, Catchwords, Keywords

pp. 584 - 590, Danielle C. Skeehan

KEY WORDS: Archive, Empire, Queer Theory, Lieutenant Nun, New Spain, Monroe Doctrine, Nineteenth-Century America, Print Networks, Autobiography, Sexuality, Book, Hemispheric, Atlantic

pp. 591 - 598,Angel-Luke O’Donnell

KEY WORDS: Audience, Reading, Printed Ephemera, Cheap Print, American Revolution, Philadelphia, Non-importation Agreements, Crowd Action, Townshend Duties

pp. 599 - 606, Joseph Rezek

KEY WORDS: History of Authorship, African American Literature, Black Atlantic, Early American Literature, John Marrant, Early American Print Culture, African American Print Culture, Book History, Textual History, Race, History of Print, Religion, Slavery, George Whitefield, Selina Hastings, the Countess of Huntingdon

pp. 607 - 613, Sarah Schuetze

KEY WORDS: Embodiment, Bodily, Body, Reading, Sympathy, Health, Disease, Touch, Archive, Cartesian, Corporal, Letter, Passion of the Mind, Medical

pp. 614 - 620, James N. Green

KEY WORDS: Binder, Disbound, Sheets (paper), Sewn, Stitched, Uncut (edges), Boards binding, Trade binding, Quarter bound, Half bound, Vellum, Leather, Stephen Potts, John Locke, Royal Society of London, Library Company of Philadelphia

pp. 621 - 627, Christy L. Pottroff

KEY WORDS: Circulation, Distribution, Transmission, Mobility, Information, Remediation, Materiality, Post Office, Racism, Bureaucracy, Collectivity

pp. 628 - 636, Nora Slonimsky

KEY WORDS: Commerce, Political economy, Trade, Geography, Maps, Technology, Book trade, Yazoo, Cartography, Information, Communication, Speculation, Hamilton, Morse, Copyright

pp. 637 - 642, Molly O’Hagan Hardy

KEY WORDS: Digital humanities, Labor, Gender, Archives, Libraries, Book history, Cataloging, Media archaeology, Bibliography, Technologies of writing, digital resources, institutional histories, research, printing trade, women’s history

pp. 643 - 647, Matthew P. Brown

KEY WORDS: blank forms, paperwork, document, bureaucracy, self-evident, state administration, thing theory, materialism, book history, textual studies, Lisa Gitelman, Bruno Latour, David Levy, David Weinberger

pp. 648 - 657, Alexander Mazzaferro

KEY WORDS: edition, material textuality, book history, print culture, reset type, novelty, reprint, reproduction, impression, state, title page, genre, heresy, John Winthrop, Antinomian Controversy

pp. 658 - 664, Kristina Garvin

KEY WORDS: editor, editing practices, female editorship, epistolary novels, Susanna Rowson, periodicals, gossip, Boston Weekly Magazine, women and print culture, gende

pp. 665 - 670, Daniel Diez Couch

KEY WORDS: Herman Melville, The London Carcanet (1831), Pierre; or the Ambiguities (1852), sous rature, Jacques Derrida, rubber erasers, deletion, erasure, inscriptions, traces, pencils, legibility

pp. 671 - 677, Meredith L. McGill

KEY WORDS: format, circulation, media, heft, media shift, audience, remediation

pp. 678 - 682, Seth Perry

KEY WORDS: angelic visions, Betsy Babcock, William Smyth Babcock, genre, prophecy, religion, revelation, rhetoric, scripture, uptake, visionary texts

pp. 683 - 690, Juliet S. Sperling 

KEY WORDS: copying, engraving, flap book, harlequinade, illustration, image, immateriality, picture, manuscript, materiality, metamorphic image, metamorphosis, moveable books, Oliver Wendell Holmes, visual culture

pp. 691 - 696, Alan Niles

KEY WORDS: inscription, graphology, media, writing, material, epigraphy, postcolonial, pictogram, petroglyph, antiquarian, Cotton Mather, Early America, Native America, indigenous, Dighton Rock

pp. 697 - 701, Andrew Inchiosa

KEY WORDS: Patrick Henry Reason, Rison, African American literature, African American art, antebellum New York, African Free School, Abolition, family history, family papers, Caribbean diaspora, Haitian American, archives, Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture

pp. 702 - 707, Marcia D. Nichols

KEY WORDS: Charles Miegs, College of Physicians of Philadelphia, Elizabeth Nihell, gender, marginalia, material texts, medicine, man-midwifery, obstetrics, physician, reader’s marks

pp. 708 - 713, Mark Alan Mattes

KEY WORDS: media, mediation, intermedia, transmedia, multimedia writing penmanship, matter, materiality, handwriting, orature, inscription, book history, literacy, print

pp. 714 - 720, Myron Gray

KEY WORDS: music, song, print, notation, score, music sheet, sound, performance, orality, literacy, materiality, “Hail Columbia”, Benjamin Carr, “President’s March”, Philip Phile

pp. 721 - 727, John J. Garcia

KEY WORDS: actor-network theory, bibliography, book trade, communications circuit, digital, female readers, intertextuality, manuscript, networks, New England, Puritanism, seventeenth century, temporality, transatlantic, travel narratives

pp. 728 - 732, Alea Henle

KEY WORDS: original, copy, print, replication, reproduction, reprint, manuscript, facsimile, material text, transcription, Jared Sparks, William Hill, Ebenezer Hazard

pp. 733 - 740, Joshua Ratner

KEY WORDS: symbiosis, paratext, peritext, epitext, zone of transition, zone of transaction, authorial intention, antebellum publishing practices, Gerard Genette, Washington Irving, John Neal

pp. 741 - 746, Adam C. Lewis

KEY WORDS: periodicals, editing, newspapers, publishing, printing, California, U.S.-Mexican War, Hawaii

pp. 747 - 755, Marcy J. Dinius

KEY WORDS: press, printing, printing press, freedom of the press, freedom of speech, abolition, slavery, mob, Elijah P. Lovejoy, Henry Highland Garnet, David Ruggles, William Lloyd Garrison

pp. 756 - 763, Katherine Gaudet

KEY WORDS: reader, anthology, miscellany, education, spectator, pedagogy, instruction, discipline, schoolbook, Hamilton Moore, Young Gentleman and Lady’s Monitor, Joseph Addison, literary reader, print culture

pp. 764 - 776, Steven Carl Smith

KEY WORDS: space, cities, towns, New York, publishers, publishing, neighborhoods, residential paterns, geographical information systems, historical GIS, urban history, spatial analysis, David Bruce

pp. 777 - 782, Michael Winship

KEY WORDS: subscription, Bible, proposals

pp. 783 - 791, Jessica C. Linker

KEY WORDS: women, gender, technology, printing, coloring, history of science, botany, book history, material texts, American Medical Botany, Jacob Bigelow

pp. 792 - 800, Sonia Hazard

KEY WORDS: material culture, evangelicalism, thing theory, American Tract Society, new materialism, posthumanism, material texts, history of reading, reception, bookbinding, reform, book history, daguerrotype photography, Jane Bennett, David Brainerd

pp. 801 - 811, A. Zuercher Reichardt

KEY WORDS: translation, language, orthography, Iroquois, Mohawk, Joseph Brant, Native Americans, literacy, communication, missionaries, Society for the Propagation of the Gospel