H-SHEAR, 21 Years and Counting...

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Dear H-SHEAR subscribers:

On January 15, 1996, H-SHEAR launched its service to scholars, teachers, and the public interested in the history of the early American republic.  We've been "broadcasting" continuously ever since -- over twenty years of work by volunteer editors, reviewers, and officers of H-Net.  As you well know, the internet is not known for the longevity of its resources, yet H-SHEAR, like H-Net, has endured through the vast changes in the internet ecosystem, a vital and fascinating record of transitions in scholarly communications.  We expect to be around for the long haul, free to all comers.

When we migrated from listserv to the H-Net Commons platform, we added new resources for our subscribers, such as the H-SHEAR Call Roll, Transactions in the Early American Republic and updated lists of new books in the field provided by the H-Net Book Channel. We are excited to use these tools to continue to make H-SHEAR a go-to resource for scholars in the field.  We have dedicated blog space as a direct pipeline for the SHEAR conference coordinator to provide information about the organization's annual meeting.

This is a very exciting time to belong to the H-Net community. Together with hundreds of other volunteer editors, we are building a truly remarkable collection of digital scholarship that is freely available to the world.

To continue as a free, nonprofit, commercial-free service, capable of creating these valuable resources to subscribers, H-Net needs your support. If you find these resources useful please consider supporting the continued development and maintenance of H-SHEAR by making a tax-deductible contribution at the new Support H-Net page.

Every bit helps.

All the best, and thank you,

H-SHEAR editors Peter Knupfer, George Oberle, Heath Bowen, Amy Sopcak-Joseph, Robert Murray, Monique Bourque,

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