TOC: Journal of the Early Republic

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The following is the table of contents for the Journal of the Early Republic, published by the University of Pennsylvania Press. The issue features articles about black education in antebellum Ohio, the relationship between women and slaves in constitutional thought, and Haitian revolutionaries. Find the table of contents below and the full issue on Project Muse.

"Building the Future: White Women, Black Education, and Civic Inclusion in Antebellum Ohio" by KABRIA BAUMGARTNER
"What Happened to the Three-Fifths Clause: The Relationship between Women and Slaves in Constitutional Thought, 1787–1866" by JAN ELLEN LEWIS
"David Walker’s Nationalism—and Thomas Jefferson’s" by PETER THOMPSON
"Liberty with the Sword: Jamaican Maroons, Haitian Revolutionaries, and American Liberty" by TYSON REEDER
"The Mainstreaming of Visual Culture in U. S. History" by RICHARD WIGHTMAN FOX