TOC: Early American Studies Spring 2017

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The following is the table of contents for the Spring 2017 issue of Early American Studies, a journal published by the University of Pennsylvania Press. The theme for issue 15.2 is The Republics of Benjamin Rush, a Founding Father and important figure in Philadelphia. Check out the table of contents below and the full issue on Project Muse.

"Ecce Homo! The Figure of Benjamin Rush" by Sari Altschuler and Christopher J . Bilodeau
"Benjamin Rush’s Common Sense" by Sophia Rosenfeld
"Antislavery Science in the Early Republic: The Case of Dr. Benjamin Rush" by Eric Herschthal
"The Moral Thermometer: Rush, Republicanism, and Suicide" by Richard Bell
“'A Fatal Sympathy': Suicide and the Republic of Abjection in the Writings of Benjamin Rush and Charles Brockden Brown" by Eric Vallee
"'Receive the olive branch': Benjamin Rush as Reconciler in the Early Republic" by Martha J. King
"The Bonds of Union: Benjamin Rush, Noah Webster, and Defining the Nation in the Early Republic" by Benjamin Park