CFP SHEAR 2017 - Looking for Comment - New Narratives in Antebellum Medicine & Public Health

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We are seeking a commentator for a panel organized around the theme of “New Narratives in Antebellum Medicine & Public Health.” We have three papers and chair. Our papers explore gender, class, and social implications of antebellum healthcare and medical education. Our papers are about immigrants navigating antebellum NYC's almshouses to obtain healthcare, the establishment of a cutting-edge southern medical school in New Orleans, and elite women's opiate addiction in the antebellum medical thought.  

Chair: Mary Fuhrer, Historian, Freedom’s Way National Heritage Areab

Paper 1: Anelise Shrout, Assistant Prof. of History, California State University, Fullerton - “‘Inmates of the Almshouse’: Covert Uses of Public Health in Nineteenth Century New York”

Paper 2: Paul Michael Warden, PhD Candidate, University of California, Santa Barbara - “The Allure of Distinctiveness: Founding the Medical College of Louisiana on the Precept of Environmental Medicine, 1832-1847”

Paper 3: Jonathan Jones, PhD Student, Binghamton University - “‘So Dreadful an Evil:’ Elite Women and Opiate Misuse in Antebellum American Medical Discourse” 

If you are interested in joining us as a commentator, please contact Jonathan Jones:


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