CFPanelists SHEAR 2017: Gender Politics of the Family Business

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Hello folks,

I am interested in organizing a panel for SHEAR 2017 on the gender politics of the family business.

My paper, “Bankrupt Fathers, Dis/Obedient Daughters and Devoted Wives: Gender and Family in the Early Theater” focuses on the pecuniary, professional, and personal dynamics of touring families of actors in the early republic. I argue that the acting family, far from being marginal, is in fact a productive site to explore the relationship between shifting gender ideals and family economies, as many of these families aspired to have their children leave the acting profession—until debt or desire intervened.

I am interested in other papers that might explore how families navigated changing economic circumstances, labor systems, and generational change. If you're interested in getting on board, contact me at


Sara Lampert

Assistant Professor of History

University of South Dakota