News from the Andrew Jackson Papers

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The Andrew Jackson Papers project is proud to announce publication of The Papers of Andrew Jackson: Volume X, 1832, now available from University of Tennessee Press.  We are also happy to announce an important new feature of our digital edition in the Rotunda American Founding Era Collection from University of Virginia Press (  The Library of Congress has recently mounted online images of its major Andrew Jackson Papers and Martin Van Buren Papers collections (see
and, which were previously available only on microfilm.  Thanks to a three-way collaboration between our project, Rotunda, and the Library of Congress, all citations to these collections in our Rotunda presidential volumes are now live links.  This means that anyone wishing to see the manuscript original of a Library of Congress document that we have either printed, calendared, or cited in annotation can click to it directly from our Rotunda edition.  Since we are substantially reordering and recataloging the Library's Jackson collection as we produce our volumes, it also means that users can now reach, through our edition, hundreds of documents in that collection that were variously misidentified in the Library’s original cataloging and have been therefore undiscoverable through its finding aid.  Our new Volume X will be armed with these live links when it appears in Rotunda a few months from now, as will all future Jackson volumes.

Daniel Feller, Thomas Coens, and Laura-Eve Moss
The Papers of Andrew Jackson
University of Tennessee