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H-Net Review: Maríñez on Eller, 'We Dream Together: Dominican Independence, Haiti, and the Fight for Caribbean Freedom' (x-h-haiti) Discussion Peter Knupfer, H-SHEAR 09/17/2018 - 12:54pm
Library Company of Philadelphia  Post-Doctoral Fellowships for 2019-2020 Discussion Clarissa Lowry 09/17/2018 - 12:49pm
Call for Papers—Symposium on John Dickinson, American Founder Discussion Nathan Kozuskanich 09/13/2018 - 11:05am
Oct. 2 Boston Area Seminar on Early American History Discussion Alexis Buckley 09/13/2018 - 11:01am
H-Net Review: Elliott on Hatzenbuehler, 'Jefferson, Lincoln, and the Unfinished Work of the Nation' (x-h-fedhist) Discussion Peter Knupfer, H-SHEAR 09/10/2018 - 2:24pm
Call for Contributors Discussion Anthony Comegna 09/10/2018 - 2:17pm
CFP- Agricultural History Centennial Meeting, June 2019 Discussion Kathleen Sullivan-Thomas 09/10/2018 - 2:15pm
H-Net Review: Georgian on Lacorne, 'Religion in America: A Political History' (x-h-fedhist) Discussion Peter Knupfer, H-SHEAR 09/05/2018 - 12:15pm
H-Net Review: O'Shaughnessy on Holowchak and Dotts, 'The Elusive Thomas Jefferson: Essays on the Man behind the Myths' (x-h-fedhist) Discussion Peter Knupfer, H-SHEAR 08/31/2018 - 11:56am
CFP Panel on Women's Organizations for Southern Historical Association 2019 Discussion Emily Wright 08/29/2018 - 12:25pm
H-Net Review: Larson on Murrin, 'Rethinking America: From Empire to Republic' (x-h-early-america) Discussion Peter Knupfer, H-SHEAR 08/29/2018 - 12:20pm
National Council for History Education (NCHE) - 2019 Conference Discussion John Csepegi 08/25/2018 - 9:34am
2018-2019 Boston Area Seminar on Early American History Discussion Alexis Buckley 08/23/2018 - 10:59am
CALL FOR PAPERS- Investigating Mid-Atlantic Plantations:  Slavery, Economies, and Space Discussion Clarissa Lowry 08/22/2018 - 10:37am
H-Net Review: Tobler on Farrelly, 'Anti-Catholicism in America, 1620-1860' (x-h-early-america) Discussion Peter Knupfer, H-SHEAR 08/21/2018 - 10:43am
5th Annual Slave Dwelling Project Conference: Slavery, Resistance, and Community Discussion Antoinette van Zelm 08/21/2018 - 10:34am
Kentucky Historical Society Research Fellowship Fall 2018 Deadline Reminder - OCTOBER 1 Discussion Stephanie Lang 08/20/2018 - 11:05am
Proposals Due 9/1/18 for James K. Polk and His Time Discussion Michael Cohen 08/20/2018 - 11:03am
Symposum: William Birch and the Complexities of American Visual Culture (Library Company of Philadelphia) Discussion Clarissa Lowry 08/14/2018 - 9:07am
H-Net This Week (Roundup from around the Commons for the week of July 27 - August 2, 2018) Discussion Yelena Kalinsky 08/08/2018 - 9:42am
H-Net Reviews: Slaughter on Hayes, 'George Washington: A Life in Books' (x-h-war) Discussion Peter Knupfer, H-SHEAR 08/07/2018 - 10:49am
H-net Review: Cunigan on Hele, 'Nature of Empires and the Empires of Nature: Indigenous Peoples and the Great Lakes Environment' (x-h-war) Discussion Peter Knupfer, H-SHEAR 08/03/2018 - 9:51am
African American Episcopal Historical Collection Travel Grant Program Discussion Ebonee Davis 08/02/2018 - 9:01am
Call for Proposals: Boston Seminar on African American History Discussion Alexis Buckley 08/01/2018 - 4:49pm
H-Net Review: McDaniel on Metro, 'Teaching U.S. History Thematically: Document-Based Lessons for the Secondary Classroom' (x-h-early-americas) Discussion Peter Knupfer, H-SHEAR 07/31/2018 - 12:48pm