1 Week Until #SHEAR2022

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Greetings SHEARites! {with apologies for cross-postings}

I greet you in your inbox a week before the conference with some pointers and highlights.

In the pointers category:

As many of you have told me, it’s wonderful to know that the SHEAR community will meet in person this year. And we are indeed a community. In that spirit, we’re requesting that you wear a mask throughout the conference. Concerned SHEARites will be far more comfortable and relaxed if we remain masked, so please bear that in mind. If you need a mask, they will be available at the conference registration desk.

In the highlights category, we have a few innovations and special events this year.

On Sunday morning at 8:00 am there will be a Thank You hour – featuring coffee and beignets – in appreciation of everyone who worked to bring this conference to life. It’s not in the printed program, but it’s happening! It will take place in the Marigny room.

Throughout the conference, there will be a “Perch Room” available – for sitting, catching your breath, hanging out, or chatting with friends. Rather than compelling people to drift around conference center hallways when not in a session, we’re providing a home base. It will be located in the Bywater Boardroom.

There are also a few special forums worth noting, organized and created by the wonderful Program Committee:

On Friday at 11:00, we’ll have a forum on Indigenous Histories of the Gulf, featuring local scholars with local insights.

That same day at 5:00, we’ll have a forum focused on the challenges of working as historians and teachers given diminishing resources and contingent teaching positions.

On Saturday at 4:00, we’ll have a forum featuring secondary school history teachers who will discuss the challenges of teaching history during the “History Wars—a vital topic that teachers and historians of all kinds should address together. These teachers need our support.

I can’t wait to see people in person next week!  Enjoy the conference, enjoy each other, enjoy our community, and enjoy New Orleans!

Joanne Freeman

SHEAR President

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