Teaching (the Early Republic)

Matt Hetrick Blog Post

This will serve as the inaugural post of the teaching blog here at H-SHEAR. I hope we will have many participants, as both posters and commenters, but I wanted to get the ball rolling and introduce myself. I am a Network Editor here at H-SHEAR and I am currently a Visting Professor at Loyola University Maryland. Prior to graduate school I taught Middle School for three years and I have a Masters in Teaching.

My personal goal for this blog is to have an open and informal discussion about both teaching in general and the teaching the Early Republic in particular. The nature of my current position means I don't get to teach this time period or even American History as much as I might like, but it is the area I research and where I hope to spend my time teaching someday.

Feel free to introduce yourself in the comments or simply mention the types of posts you would like to see going forward.