Books for K-12 Teachers

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There was a spirited exchange about the use and practice of K-12 teaching and teacher preparation and the full exchange can be found here, but I wanted to just compile a reading list.

Although I am not currently teaching grade school, in a previous career I was and so I am sympathetic to both the challenges and the needs for good, readable history. Many of these books could also work for undergraduates and I would love for our readers to continue to add to this list.

Charles Sellers, The Market Revolution

Steve Mintz, Moralists and Modernizers

Paul E. Johnson, The Early American Republic

Robert V. Hine and John Mack Faragher, The American West: A New Interpretive History

Ruth Schwartz Cohen, More Work for Mother

Brooke Hindle, Emulation and Invention

Carol Sheriff, Artificial River

Seth Rockman, Scraping By

Laurel Thatcher Ulrich, Age of Homespun

Linda Kerber, No Constitutional Right to be Ladies

Ann Greene, Horses at Work

William Cronon, Nature's Metropolis

Theda Perdue and Michael Green, Cherokee Nation and Trail of Tears

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