Re-Forming Narratives of the “Other California”: Race, Labor, and Civil Rights in California’s Central Valley

Chair: Dawn Mabalon, San Francisco State University
• Michael Eissinger, Fresno City College / California State University, Fresno
• Patrick Fontes, Stanford University
• Oliver Rosales, Bakersfield College

California’s Central Valley is pejoratively known as the “other California.” In so many ways the region is qualitatively distinct from its southern California and San Francisco Bay area neighbors. From its history, culture, voting patterns, and economy, the region is distinct from coastal California and is often referred to as Appalachia West. This panel discussion brings together four experts on the history of race, labor, and civil rights in California’s Central Valley. Each panelist will frame a set of historical questions as to how their own research rethinks the history of race, labor, and civil rights in the “other California.”

Recorded in April 2018 at the OAH Annual Meeting held in Sacremento, California as part of the Mellon-funded Amplified Initiative.



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Michael Eissinger


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Oliver Rosales


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