Historicizing the Golden State: New Directions in California History

Chair and Commentator: Josh Sides, California State University, Northridge

San Francisco’s World’s Fairs and the Pacific World: 1915 and 1939
Abigail Markwyn, Carroll University

Catholics in the Golden State: Raising a Catholic Infrastructure in Post-War California, 1945–1962
Steven Avella, Marquette University

Co-Opting the Border: African Americans Fighting American Racial Injustice from Baja California
Laura Hooton, University of California, Santa Barbara

Ephemeral Forums, Enduring Communities: Latina/o Community Building and Belonging in 1990s South East Los Angeles
Jorge Leal, University of California, San Diego

Recorded in April 2018 at the OAH Annual Meeting held in Sacremento, California as part of the Mellon-funded Amplified Initiative.

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