Thousands of Historical California Legislative Publications Digitized and Openly Available Online!

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I'm very happy to share this great news!


HathiTrust now includes 4,000 California Assembly and Senate publications from 1849-2009 in its digital repository, a featured collection available for reading access worldwide. The collection is a result of collaboration between the California Office of Legislative Counsel and librarians at the University of California, Stanford University, and the California State Library. The collection includes many Senate and Assembly Bills.


Anyone may access the public domain materials in the HathiTrust’s Digital Library to browse, read, or download one page at a time. Individuals affiliated with one of HathiTrust’s 140+ member institutions have special access to download complete PDFs of the volumes.  Data mining and textual analysis can be performed on the publications in the HathiTrust Research Center.

The collection is not yet comprehensive, as there are gaps in the series for each publication type, and work will continue to locate copies of missing volumes, to digitize them, and to include them in this set of open materials. 


For more about the collection please see HathiTrusts blog post


To contribute to the efforts to complete and correct these materials, please send communications to HathiTrust at