Embedding a File into a Discussion Post

In order to embed a file, it must first be uploaded to the Network. Subscribers can submit files to their network.  Although only Contributors and Editors are able to upload files, all users can embed those files in their posts if they have reason.

To embed a file in a posting.

When entering text into the body field of a discussion post or other type of content:

Click on the spot where you would like the file to appear.

Them, click on the "embed a node" icon, far right of the toolbar above the editing window.

In the popup, locate the file you want to embed. Use the search fields to narrow the search (choose a network from the dropdown, or a file type, or name); be sure to click "search" to launch the search.

Scroll through the list of files to find the file, and click once on it to highlight it.

Click on "embed" to insert code in the post.  This shorthand code can be cut and pasted anywhere in the message, and the image will appear at that location when published.