How to Upload a File

Subscribers can upload and submit files to their network. These files can be in any common format and include video, audio, word-processed documents, or images.  All files are moderated by the network editors and subject to their approval before being published.  

Important: Remember that you must have rights under the Creative Commons License in order to upload a file to the H-Net Commons.

Files uploaded to the server should be keyworded by the contributor uploading the file.

To embed any file in a page or post, it must first be:

1.  uploaded to a network via “Upload a Resource" (instructions below).
2.  embedded in the post using the “embed a node” applet.

To upload a file to the server so that it can be displayed on pages and in posts:

Be sure you can locate the file on your computer.  The following file types can be uploaded: jpg jpeg gif png txt doc docx ppt pptx xls xlsx pdf odt ods odp mp3 mov m4v mp4 mpeg avi wmv ico.

Find the Upload a Resource button in the right sidebar:



Uploading a file is very similar to submitting a discussion.

You will notice one addition to the submit form. Use the “browse” button to locate and navigate to it on your computer, and click “upload” to transmit it to the server.

Annotate the file in the “body” text area.  There is plenty of room here.  Include copyright information where applicable. 

Provide Keywords for the item.

Click “Preview” at the bottom of the screen and check to see if the image or file displays correctly.  When you are satisfied, click the "Submit to Editor" button at the bottom of the page. All media, like discussion posts, must be approved by an editor before being published.

Once published, you can Embed the file in other content.