Searching the H-Net Commons

The H-Net Commons has a powerful searching tool that allows users to refine searches on the fly.


In order to search H-Net you can use the search bar at the top of any page. This will search for the term or phrase you enter across the entire H-Net Commons. You can also use the search bar which appears on the right sibebar of a Network to search only that network.

After the search completes, you can refine your search by using the "facets" which appear in the left sidebar of the search results page. These options include post date, network, categories, keywords and content type (for example, "review"). In the example below I've searched H-Net for Calls for Papers, and limited the results to May 2016.

As an alternative, you can also intiatiate a search with no parameters by clicking "Go" on the search bar without entering any text. You can then begin using the facets narrow your search parameters and browse content.

Saving Searches

If you commonly run a specific search, you can choose to save your search and then include it on My H-Net as its own widget. 

From the search results page, simply click "Add to My H-Net."

After you do so, you will be taken to My H-Net, where your search will be automatically added. You can visit your My H-Net page at any time to see an up to date set of results for your search. The My H-Net version of the search will automatically put most recent results at the top.

You can also save a search without adding it to My H-Net immediately by clicking the saved search button. Enter a name for your search and click "Save Search."  

This search will now appear as an option when you add a "Saved Search" widget to your My H-Net page. If you need help adding a widget to My H-Net see our My H-Net guide.