Using My H-Net

My H-Net is a new feature of the H-Net Commons which allows users to customize a page which displays the content most interesting to them and view it from their My H-Net page by setting up "blocks" of content which will automatically update with new content from networks or about subjects the user specifies. 

Use this guide to learn how to add a "widget" to your My H-Net page.

If you are already logged in, click on My H-Net under My Profile on the top right.

Click on Add a Widget

Click on “Content in a Specific Network” The page will be refreshed and in the top left  an empty block labeled “Content in a Specific Network” will have appeared.

Click on the icon in the upper right of that widget which looks like a gear (and says “settings” if you mouse-over it).

Select a Network from the drop down menu, which appears, and click Save. 

This widget will now periodically update with the most recent content from the network you have chosen. You’ve completed the main part of this tutorial.  Most of the widgets available to you on My H-Net allow for displaying content from your networks in various ways as described by their names which appear in the "Add a Widget" menu. Just a few more notes:

You can move widgets around to organize them however you want by clicking near the title and dragging them around the screen.  All these settings will be saved by the system, so you can always visit my H-Net to see the content you are interested in after setting it up the first time.

You can edit the settings of any block by clicking on the gear icon in that block.

Feel free to customize your My H-Net anyway you like at this point.

Note: If you want to use the "Saved Search" widget and are not sure how to accomplish this, see our guide to Searching the H-Net Commons.

See this visual guide to My H-Net for if you need a graphical representation: