How to ....

These guides will help you get started on the H-Net Commons.

You must be logged in to your free Commons account in order to use all of the activities described here (except basic searching, which anyone can do.)

Creating an Account - Creating an account on the H-Net Commons is easy, simply follow this guide and you can be participating in discussions in minutes.

Subscribing to or Unsubscribing from a Network - A short guide.

Tagging Content - A brief introduction to the H-Net Commons "filing" system.

Create a new Discussion Post or Reply to an Ongoing Discussion - This tutorial will teach you how to participate in the discussion happening on the H-Net Commons.

Setting E-Mail Notifications  - This guide will teach you how to set up e-mail notifications for new discussions posted to your networks.

Notifications Reference - This reference shows the templates for e-mail notifications and explains when you can expect to receive each.

Using My H-Net - Follow this guide to get you started with one of the H-Net Commons most exciting new features!  Learn how to customize your H-Net Commons experience and easily track and view the content most interesting to you. You can also see a graphical roadmap of MyHNet here.

Searching the H-Net Commons - The H-Net Commons has a powerful search engine that allows users to search for content across the entire site and refine their searches to find just the content they are looking for.  Use this guide as an introduction to searching and using Saved Searches.

Managing your Account and Profile - This brief tutorial will help you edit your account and profile information.  Your H-Net Commons profile allows you to include your academic credentials, publications, and other information which will be publicly visible.  You are not required to make any information public aside from your name.