My H-Net list is gone. What do I do?

What happened to my list?

It moved to the Commons!  If you tried to send an email to your usual H-Net listserv address and received a rejection message, the list has probably migrated to its new home on the H-Net Commons.

What is the H-Net Commons?

What to do now?

That depends:

If you already were a subscriber to the listserv, an account and subscription for all of your subscribed addresses are waiting in the Commons.  Log in with the temporary password we sent you when the list moved, confirm your account, and set your password.  Then you can locate your missing list in the list of all our public networks

What if I lost, forgot, or deleted that temporary password?  Request a new password.

If you were not a subscriber to any of our listservs, then create an account and request a subscription.

Once you’re subscribed, here are guides to using the new H-Net Commons.