H-Announce: A User's Guide

H-Announce is a network operated by H-Net, edited by members of H-Net’s staff, who are overseen by the Associate Director for Networks, who in turn is advised by the H-Net Council, which sets the network’s policy.

To submit an announcement first review the policies discussed below and then visit H-Announce and click Post an Announcement near the top of the page.

For technical assistance write to the help desk.

H-Announce is not a job posting or an advertising service.  Its purpose is to provide professional information about events, services, publishing opportunities, and advanced training programs that might be of common interest in the social sciences and humanities.  Announcements pertinent to specific fields should be directed to the appropriate network.

As with all of our public networks, submissions are subject to editing and publishing at the network editors’ discretion.  Submitting an announcement does not guarantee that what you post is what we will publish.  H-Net’s policies require editors to seek the author’s approval for substantive editorial changes to submissions; editors may silently correct formatting and composition, and they reserve the right to reject a posting for any reason.

Once an announcement is approved, it is considered published. It is the responsibility of the party submitting the announcement to make sure that all of the text, including contact information, is correct prior to submission. H-Net Staff is not responsible for proofreading your content, nor are they required to make corrections once an announcement is published.

Track all of your postings at your MyHNet page!  Log in and click ‘my postings’ to see them and their current status.

Posting to H-Announce does not automatically publish the item on our other networks.  Network editors decide what their networks publish.  They can repost an item directly from H-Announce.

Avoid delays in publication of your announcement:

  • complete your profile and include the name of an individual responsible for the content of the announcement.  H-Net does not publish unsigned, anonymous, or pseudonymous messages.

  • avoid lengthy explanatory material.  Keep your posting concise and above the scroll line where it is mostly likely to be read.  Long explanatory essays and prefatory material seriously reduce the likelihood that recipients will read the posting.  Link to an event or other website that has consistent details and information that you control.  We do not redact our publications once they have been published.

  • spell out acronyms and abbreviations.  We have a global audience that will not know whether ASA refers to the American Studies Association or the Asian Studies Association.

  • do not cut/paste your announcement from a word-processed document.  Compose it.  Use the tools in the editing bar to format it.  Cut/paste invariably introduces formatting errors and includes text that will confuse readers (such as references to an “attached flyer” that isn’t attached).

  • do not insert or link to images.  Links will eventually rot and the graphics disappear.

  • do not submit what you consider to be “private” information now or in the future.  Cell phone numbers, home addresses, names of family members, or other such information will remain searchable in our database for years to come.

Calls for Papers:

  • We strongly urge authors of these Calls to place an official Call on a central website they control.  Use an H-Announce posting to provide a brief description, contact information, and link to that official location for up-to-date information.

  • Take care to avoid duplication or needless multiple versions of Calls.  For example, place a Call for Panelists for a conference session at the pertinent H-Net network.  Posting multiple Panel calls on H-Announce (as in one per panel at a large conference) is not likely to reach your intended audiences.

Notices of New Publications:

  • Many of our networks do not publish book promotions or ads for books from publishers.  They do post announcements of new works by subscribers to their networks, often limited to a table of contents, abstract, link to the publisher.  Postings with book-jacket blurbs, reviews, and promotional hype will be rejected.

“Reminder” Postings:

  • Our subscribers have told us that they consider repeated “reminders” of upcoming events to be a nuisance.  Repeated postings of the same announcements are likely to run afoul of editors and be rejected.

Course and Degree Program Offerings

  • H-Net is happy to post announcements of unique opportunities for advanced training.  These include special programs in methodology, pedagogy, and new research fields.  We discourage postings for routine, regular and recurring courses in an established curriculum.

Rental notices:

  • H-Announce does not publish housing notices of any kind.

An informal guide to H-Net Announcement Types

Conference: conference programs, registration information, lists of speakers and events there: this type is for conferences already staffed.  Do not choose it for Calls for Papers to your conference.

Call for Papers: request for proposals for conference papers and presentations.

Fellowship: part-time, traveling, residential, collections use, part-time teaching.  Full-time fellowships of 6 months or greater duration must be published on the H-Net Job Guide, not H-Announce.

Grant: Requests for proposals for grant programs, new grant opportunities.

Lecture: public lectures, presentations, papers.

Prize: awards, prize scholarships, book prizes.  Always link to an official site.

Call for Publication: request for chapters, essays, encyclopedia entries, edited issues and volumes.

Seminar: colloquium, public seminar, seminar program, speaker listing, registration information.

Summer Program: limit to advanced training opportunities in methodology, new research fields, pedagogy.

Symposium: symposium program, registration information, etc. for an upcoming symposium. Do not use this as a call for speakers.

Workshop: hands-on training, learning, or teaching opportunity.  Include costs and full accreditation, contact information.