Commons Notifications and Performance Issues - Resolved

Update - September 17, 2019

All issues related to notifications and site performance have been fixed to the best of our knowledge.

Please contact the help desk at if you encounter any errors with the site or your email notifications.

Update - September 10, 2019

Since the last update that we sent out on Friday to networks editors we have made some headway with the issues we've been experiencing both with the H-Net Commons website and email notifications.

The issue causing performance issues with the Commons appears to have been resolved. We have a couple more settings changes in store that should further improve site performance and page load time. We will return to that once we finish resolving our issues with email notifications.

Along those lines, some configuration changes and a patch to a module seem to have resulted in further improvement in notification generation. After pursuing some examples through mailboxes, we are reasonably convinced that individual notifications for new content are being produced and sent. The best way to confirm that is for you, subscribers, to let us know if content you're expecting is not appearing in your inbox.

Daily email digests, however, are still not functioning properly so that is where we are currently focusing our efforts.

As a workaround in the advent of future trouble with email notifications, subscribers can always visit their network pages on the H-Net Commons to view published content directly.

Update - September 4, 2019

Since rebuilding the server hosting the H-Net Commons, H-Net has experienced some performance issues. The changes made during the rebuild include much needed new hardware as well as new versions of various underlying software, so there are a lot of things to validate. Prior testing did not show the issues we are now experiencing, though it's hard for us to produce a level of workload in testing that matches the live system. We are actively working to isolate the cause of the problem.

In addition, we are working on an issue with email notifications. Some seem to be working fine, but we have begun to receive reports that many people are not getting them. We hope to resolve these issues sooner than later. Thank you for your patience.