Email notifications


The Notifications page (shown below) is where you may go to adjust how often you receive email notifications about the networks you are a part of. You can adjust the notification frequency for each network using this page. There are three options you may choose for how often you receive our email notifications: “None”, “Individually”, and “Daily Digest”. By setting any of your network to “None”, you will no longer receive any emails about new posts that were made on that network. If you choose “Individually”, you will receive a new email for each new post that is made on that network. Finally, by choosing “Daily Digest”, you will receive an email once a day which includes all of the posts that were made that day on the specified network, if any were posted.

If you don’t want to receive any notifications, you may set all to “None”. Be sure to press the Submit button (Save only temporarily saves the notification frequency) on the page when you are finished personalizing your settings.