Subscription management

Although you can read discussions on any Network, you must be a subscriber to a Network in order to submit your own discussion posts and receive e-mail notifications about new postings. Subscribing is a simple process and only takes a few moments. In order to subscribe to a Network you must first have an account on the H-Net Commons. If you are not sure how to create an account see the guide here.  

In this example, we will subscribe, then unsubscribe, from H-Diplo.


First, make sure that you are already signed in to your H-Net Commons account.

Click "All Networks" which appears near the top of any page in the website's dark blue header.

Navigate to the Network you want to join.  You can browse all networks by using the "All Public Networks" category.

Click the "Subscribe to this Network" image which appears on the right sidebar of your chosen Network.


Fill out the request form, and click done at the bottom of the page. An editor still must approve it; you will receive an email confirmation when that is done.


Log in to your account. If you are already logged in, at any page click the “My Networks” button at the top of the page and choose "All My Networks" from the drop down menu.


At the list of your subscriptions, click "unsubscribe from group" next to the network(s) from which you wish to unsubscribe.