Contributor and Blogger Roles

Blogger Role

The Blogger role is assigned to users that network editors or advisory board members wish to give the ability of posting the Blog content type to. To add a Blogger role, first click the “Subscribers” link in the sidebar menu on the right side of the screen under “Manage [Network Name]”.

This brings up the “Current Subscribers” page listing all current subscribers. Find the user you wish to give the Blogger role to and press the black “Roles” button on the right side of the row containing their name. Check the box next to “blogger” on the screen that pops up and select “Save Changes”. The user should now have a bullet point in their row which says “blogger” and can now publish blog posts to your network.

The blogger role allows a user to post a Blog under the “Blogs” tab of the particular network they have been made a blogger of. Unlike other content types, Blogs are not required to be approved by a moderator before they are published. It is important to only give the blogger role to users you trust to only publish content that follows the guidelines of your network and the H-Net Commons in general. Blogs generate notifications for subscribers and are typically not published to your home page’s feed.

Posting a blog

To post a blog, first click the “Blogs” tab on your network’s front page.  Then click the orange “Add a Blog Post” box on the right side of the page. On the page that appears, you will be asked for a “Blog Name” which refers to the name of the blog series your post is apart of, not the name of the individual post itself. If this is the first post in the blog series, select “Create new blog” from the dropdown list and enter the name into the field that appears. Then fill out the rest of the blog post as you would any other piece of content on H-Net and press the “Save” button at the bottom of the page. Unlike the “Submit to Editor” button, this directly publishes your blog post without moderation from network staff. If you wish to add blogs to your newly created blog series in the future, the name you entered after selecting “Create new blog” should now appear in the “Blog Name” dropdown menu when attempting to create a new blog post.



Contributor Role

The Contributor role is given to a user by network editors or advisory board members that allows them to directly edit their own Contribution or Link. All users can submit contributions and links, but only contributors can edit them after posting. Editors might assign contributors for projects that require multiple collaborators that they might wish to give some ability to edit their own contributions or links. Due to its limited usefulness, the contributor role is not used as frequently as the others.