Profile Basics

Requesting a new password

If you forget the password to your H-Net Commons account, you can request a new one. You can do so by pressing the “Log In” link near the top right of any page on the Commons. Then select the “Request a new password” link in the page’s sidebar menu. From there, you will simply enter in your email address and fill in the Captcha and you will be sent an email containing a temporary password and instructions on how to use it to log in to your H-Net account.

Our Reviews Management System (RMS) and the H-Net job guide are hosted on a separate website and require a different set of login credentials than the Commons. To request a new password for RMS or the job guide, use the password reset link that appears on the login page and fill out your email address. You should receive an email with a temporary password an explanations on how to log back into your account.

Editing your Profile

Your profile page is used to let editors and other users know a little bit about the person behind the posts. You can navigate to your profile page be selecting the “My Profile” dropdown menu near the top-right of any page on the Commons and clicking “Profile”. There you will see your name, (most likely empty) lists of information about yourself, and a column of menu links.

To change information that appears on your profile, select the “Edit Profile” link in the sidebar menu. You will be brought to a page that looks something like this:

Each field corresponds to a heading in your public profile except for the “Contact Addresses” and “Phone” fields which are only visible to H-Net Staff. Once you have entered all of the information you wish, press the grey “Save” button at the bottom of the page.

My Posts

Here, you will see a list of every post you have made across H-Net. You may click on the title to navigate to the specific post, or click on the Network name to go to the network which it was meant to be posted on.
An important feature on this page is the Status of the posts. Here you may see if your post was published, rejected, needs revision, or if it is still waiting for review from editors.
If the status is “Needs Revision”, that means that a comment was made asking you to change something about your post before the editors will publish it. To view the comments that editors made regarding what changes they’re looking for, click “Moderation history” in the right hand sidebar:

Scroll to the bottom of the page and click “Revision History”, and you should see the comment that was made, along with past revision history if any, here:

Once you have completed the changes, resubmit the post to the editors, and wait for them to approve your post for publication.


Once you request to join a network, this page on your profile will show the list of networks that you are subscribed to. You can click on the title to navigate to the network, or you may click on the “Unsubscribe from group link” if you wish to leave the group.


The Notifications page is where you may go to adjust how often you receive email notifications about the networks you are a part of. You can adjust different settings for each network.
There are three options you may choose for how often you receive our email notifications: “None”, “Individually”, and “Daily Digest”.
By setting any of your network to “None”, you will no longer receive any emails about new posts that were made on that network. If you choose “Individually”, you will receive a new email for each new post that is made on that network. Finally, by choosing “Daily Digest”, you will receive an email once a day which includes all of the posts that were made that day on the specified network, if any were posted.
If you don’t want to receive any notifications, you may set all to “None”. Be sure to press the Submit and Save buttons on the page when you are finished personalizing your settings.


The “Account” link in the sidebar menu opens a page which is used to alter a few advanced settings for your profile. The “E-mail address”, “Password”, and “Confirm password” fields are used to change the email address or password associated with your account. To change these fields, you must have the “Current password” field filled out with the correct password.

“Upload picture” is used to change the profile picture on your account (you may need to use the “Delete picture” checkbox to accomplish this if you already have a profile picture). 

The “Personal contact form” checkbox under “Contact settings” allows users to use the “Contact” link in your profile to generate an email to the address associated with your account (you may still be contacted by site administrators even if this box is left unchecked). “Locale settings” allows you to set your time zone. The “Accept Terms & Conditions of Use” checkbox indicates that you have accepted H-Net’s terms of use and are now allowed to make posts on the site (this should already be checked if you created your profile correctly).