Blogging on the H-Net Commons

Every network has the ability to create blogs and empower particular users to make posts to blogs. Editors may mark a subscriber as a blogger on their network, allowing that subscriber to make blog posts on the network. A network can have any number of blogs, and each blog can have any number of “bloggers” who can post to this blog. The creation and administration of blogs and bloggers on a Network is at the discretion of the editing team of that Network.

A new blog is created the first time a post with that Blog Name is posted. Therefore, by entering a new Blog Name, you will create a new blog. The following instructions explain the short process of creating a blog post. To view all blogs on your network, you can always click the “Blog” tab at the top of any page on your network.

You must have been set as a blogger on a network before you can create a blog post.

Click on the Blogs tab at the top of the Network front page. Then click the orange 'Add a Blog Post' button.

Use the drop-down menu under Blog Name to find the name of the blog the post belongs to or choose 'Create new blog' if this is the first post and type in the name of the blog exactly as you would like to appear on every subsequent blog post.

Enter a title for this blog post. This is the title for the individual post, not the name of the entire blog.

Next, Enter the body for your blog post. This is the main content of your blog post.  We encourage all bloggers to include a boilerplate blog missions statement in italics at the top of every blog post, e.g. The Scholar's Pen is an H-Network blog on teaching Chinese history. Feel free to comment by replying below.

Scroll down to Categories and Keywords to enter whichever ones you feel are appropriate. You may want to consult the editorial team for suggestions about categories. Keywords describe the substantive content of the blog post and should help readers find it, e.g. Imperial China, history, teaching.

Click 'Preview' at the bottom of the page and review your post. Make changes in the editing window and preview again as often as you need to. Your blog will not go through editing, so make sure it is exactly as you want it before you finally click 'Save' at the bottom.  Clicking 'Save' will publish your post and make it public.