Setting up E-mail filters for H-Net Commons Notifications

If you would like to set up a filter in your e-mail so that your messages from the H-Net Commons automatically get placed in a specific folder find the guide below which corresponds to the e-mail client which you use.

There are two unique identifers in email notifications from us that you can use to filter this mail:

  • all notifications from the H-Net Commons will always come "From: H-Net Notifications <"  You can use this From' line to filter all your notifications into one mailbox.  These would include system messages (like subscription changes).
  • to filter by individual networks: the Subject: line of all notifications from specific networks will contain the network name, e.g. "Subject: H-SAWH:" followed by the specific subject field.  You can set a filter that "subject" "contains" the network name, to filter into a network-specific mailbox.  And you can combine filter conditions to ensure that only those messages from us get filtered (e.g. "From" is "> AND "Subject" contains "H-SAWH:")

See below for specific instructions: