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Re: Troubleshooting: Safari

I have had trouble with both Safari and Firefox. Here's what I do: When the "manage H-Japan" options do not appear, I open the Editor Resource page (https://networks.h-net.org/editor-resources) and log in. Then I try the H-Japan page again. If I am still unsuccessful, I close the browser and reopen it, and voila! I'm good to go. I don't use Firefox all that much, but I find that with Safari, as long as I open the H-Japan page every day or so, it seems to remember who I am.

How to Crosspost H-Net Reviews

Crossposting reviews from around H-Net is a commonplace on our networks.  Recent improvements to the system make it possible to crosspost without the bother and the unpredictable results of cutting and pasting through different browsers and platforms.  Inserting rather than pasting a review also ensures that the review remains intact as it is distributed.

ANN: Fulbright Award Opportunities in the Middle East/North Africa

Fulbright Award Opportunities in the Middle East/North Africa

The Fulbright Scholar competition for academic year 2016-2017 launched in February, and this year there are nearly 50 awards in the Middle East/North Africa region.

Fulbright awards in the MENA region remain incredibly diverse. There are opportunities for both professionals and academics, including early-career scholars, and awards to teach and/or conduct research in all academic disciplines. The following is just a sample of the awards related to your field:

Troubleshooting: Safari

Hi All,

I have trouble finding the options I need as an editor under Safari. While everything looks fine in Firefox, Safari does not provide any of the options such as "manage posts" and so on.

Best regards,

Joern, Editor at H-Sport

[Joern: Safari is a troublesome browser in the Commons.  There may be some workarounds; write to help@mail.h-net.msu.edu and give specific examples.  The staff can test on their Safari versions and may be able to help. Peter.]