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RE: Email Digest Problems

Greetings H-Net Subscribers,

We have received a few emails to the Help Desk about problems with daily digest emails, specifically, that there are individual posts that are being left out of the digest. We are working to resolve the issue and will post a follow-up announcement once we have taken care of it.

Thanks for your patience.

Jesse Draper

Associate Director, Networks

Your H-Net Commons Profile

Your profile on the H-Net Commons is a way for your to share your specialty, credentials and scholarship with other members of the H-Net Commons. We highly encourage everyone to fill out their profiles as completely as possible. ]

Whenever you make a post on the H-Net Commons, your name will appear at the top as a link to your profile, like this:


Submitting a Link

Links are another content type on the H-Net Commons. The Link content type offers a powerful and ultimately easy to use engine for managing and displaying links.  .  

All the links added to a Network will appear in the Links page accessible using the Links button located in the tabbed content type menu at the top of your networks.