Categories and Tags

Categories and Tags are used to classify content so that it can be located and used again.  Imagine a filing cabinet: the labels on the drawers could be considered Categories, with each folder in that drawer being a Tag.  However, unlike a filing cabinet, an individual file or posting at the Commons can have more than one Category and/or Tag.

By classifying content this way Editors and Subscribers at the H-Net Commons can find, use, re-use and re-purpose content easily - one of the major new features and improvements of the H-Net Commons.

On the H-Net Commons, Subscribers can include tags when submitting a Discussion Post, but it is always up to the Editor to assign a Category.  All content should be both Categorized and Tagged!

Categories: Only editors can assign categories.  Categories are most often used to help organize content on a Network so that it can be easily retrieved, organized, and displayed.  Visitors can search for specific categories and click on the names of categories when they appear on the page in order to see other content which is categorized the same way.

Tags: When creating a Discussion Post include tags that help to identify the topic of your content.  When you begin typing a tag, existing tags that begin the same way will be shown to you.  If there is a suitable tag that already exists it is always better to use an existing tag than to create a new one.  

We advise against using hashtags, periods and other punctation in your categories and tags.  The system works best when there is consistency in the way content is classified.  Using single words and phrases without punctuation helps ensure the best results.

The final categories and tags that are assigned to content on the H-Net Commons are ultimately at the discretion of the editors of the network to which the content was posted.