What is the H-Net Commons?

The H-Net Commons is the new platform for H-Net Networks, built on the modular Drupal content management system.  Think of the H-Net Commons as a public square or intellectual common market with free access to educational and scholarly information generated from local producers (our networks, also known as "lists").

Here is a quick summary of the features that will launch with the first public version:

  • Network-based blogging
  • Moderated discussion postings, with email notifications of new comments
  • H-Net Reviews fed to each network site, with discussion capability alongside each review.
  • Editor-customized pages with different “views” of content
  • Subscriber "home box" that can be customized to display specific types of content from various networks, including saved searches that dynamically update when new material is published.
  • Common web-based moderating of all content, with private editor-to-editor and editor-to-author comments on revised postings.
  • “Private,” member-only network sites for use by editors or affiliated organizations
  • User and editor individual profiles, with user-managed restrictions on what information is visible to the public
  • Customized menus pointing to the network’s featured content
  • Editor-vetted collections of links, essays, images, audio, and documents
  • Front-page feeds of featured, recent, and other content.
  • H-Net-wide and network-only searching, filtered by categories and tags attached to content by editors and users, that can be saved to any custom page or a subscriber's  account.

Depending on the evolution of the software, the subsequent release will include:

  • Individual network and H-Net master calendars for events
  • Crowd-sourced bibliographical management tools
  • Additional refinements of the discussion, blogging, and private network systems

Learn more at H-Net.