Your H-Net Commons Profile

Your profile on the H-Net Commons is a way for your to share your specialty, credentials and scholarship with other members of the H-Net Commons. We highly encourage everyone to fill out their profiles as completely as possible.

Whenever you make a post on the H-Net Commons, your name will appear at the top as a link to your profile, like this:


Filling out your profile helps other users further understand the context in which you are writing, and helps you communicate your accomplishments and positions to others on the H-Net Commons.

Some networks require certain credentials as a prerequisite for subscribing, and your profile must be filled out in order to subscribe to these networks.

To fill out your profile or account click on "My Profile" in the upper right hand corner of the page, then choose "Edit Profile" as shown here:

Volunteering at H-Net

All users have the ability to indicate their interest in contributing to the H-Net community as editors, reviewers or contributors in their profiles on the Commons. Fill out this section of your profile if you are interested in taking a larger role at H-Net. Editors can browse users who have filled out this portion of their profile and therefore helps to pair editors looking for collaborators with the people who want to get involved. Filling out this section of your profile does not alert editors to your interests, in makes you visible when they go looking. You can always contact editors directly by e-mail too!

The Volunteer at H-Net fields are located just under the Publications section in subscriber profiles. Note, this information is only visible to network editors and will not appear in your public profile. Volunteer options include:

  • Becoming a Network Editor
  • Becoming a Review Editor
  • Reviewing Books
  • Building Projects/Resources
  • Blogging
  • Podcasting


Dissertations and Theses in Progress

Subscribers can add dissertations and theses to their profiles with distinct fields for TitleInstitutionAdvisorCompletion Date and a check box to designate whether it is still in progress.

If you check the appropriate box (labeled: In Progress?), your dissertation will appear on lists of dissertations in progress on the H-Net Commons in addition to in your profile. 

If you fill out your dissertation or thesis field and mark that it is in progress, it will appear on both the Commons-wide Dissertations in Progress list and on the Network-specific list for each Network to which you are subscribed.