Submitting a Link

Links are another content type on the H-Net Commons. The Link content type offers a powerful and ultimately easy to use engine for managing and displaying links.  .  

All the links added to a Network will appear in the Links page accessible using the Links button located in the tabbed content type menu at the top of your networks.  

To submit a link to your Network, click the Links tab of your Plan Network and then the orange Create New Link button.

In the Title field include a name for your link.  This will probably be the name of the Web Site to which you are linking. Let's create a page to the H-Net Commons homepage. First,  be sure to name your Link appropriately.

In the URL field include the URL to the page, for example:  Afterwards, type a short description of the link in the description field to tell those who find the link about the site.

Remember to give it a Keyword.

Links go through moderation and will be reviewed by your editor before it is published. Preview and submit accordingly.