The Resetting Passwords "Loop"

Peter Knupfer's picture

Some folks are getting in a password loop where the system asks for their old password, which they have forgotten or misplaced, when they are trying to reset their Commons password. This is happening because they are still logged in to the Commons.  Usually this is because their browser remembered the old log in even if the user didn't, and kept them logged in.

If this happens to you, make sure that you are "outside" the Commons when using the emailed temporary password.  Specifically: To reset your password in the Commons:

  • go to  Fill in the CAPTCHA antispam field.
  • Click "email new password," then log out of the Commons.  Check the upper right corner: if you see the silhouette and no "log in" there, click the silhouette and choose "log out."
  • A temporary access link will arrive in your email.  Once again, make sure that you are logged out before using that link.  Click it to return to the Commons and log in.  Once logged in, you will be prompted to change your password without using the old password.